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Jewelry Appraisers of Boca Raton

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Jewelry Appraisal of Boca Raton
David Stern of David Stern Fine Jewelry, Inc.

 David Stern as been in the jewelry business since 1970 and uses his many years of experience to create unique pieces for the most discerning tastes.


He is a highly sought-after designer of cutting edge designed jewelry Operating on the pillars of quality, integrity and reliability. David Stern Fine Jewelers invites you to experience this web site and the joy of giving and receiving jewelry.  


 David Stern is a Gemological Institute of America Diamond Certifide Certificate holder since 1977 and has been writing insurance,personal and fare market value(FMV) appraisals for the public and attorneys dealing with legal, divorce and insurance needs on a daily bases for 32 years.


He is sometimes called for in jewelry related legal issues as an expert witness in court or as a expert mediator to avoid a court case.


He has a full service jewelry store in West Boca Raton which inventories his one of a kind and limited edition designs and collections of the new American designers that will be the next generation of American greats in the jewelry industry. 


He makes himself available to each and every client and considers that no question or job is to small or to large. He prides himself with the ability to do the impossible by using techniques learned over the 48 years in the jewelry business and does work on antique jewelry repairs and renovations, issues caused by unusually large knuckle joints, eternity band size and wearability problems and earring issues for those women that have either torn earring lobe holes or holes that are not pierced correctly. These common ear lobe problems can be easily corrected by working on the jewelry not the ear lobes. 

David Stern Fine Jewelry, Inc.


Jewelry Appraisers of Boca Raton

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