We are Buyers of Used or Unwanted Diamonds, Jewelry, and Gold in any condition. Broken or damaged Diamonds, Sapphires, Ruby's. Emeralds and any other precious stones.

We will pay immediately for anything you sell.

We will also take Jewelry on consignment to sell for you.



Scrap gold from broken and unused jewelry

Jewelry is one of the pleasures in life, but if you are not using it or it's in a safety deposit, then it's costing you money just to own it.

Take the money you receive and do as you please.

If you invest, you can give that to your heirs. The money is always accepted with good feelings and it avoids the problems of making sure that you have divided fairly.

Only sell the items that would not be sentimental to someone.

You can not cut a diamond in half, so selling it avoids the problem.

The money can help you buy that item you want. 

We are honest, fair and considerate. No judgments.

People sell for many reasons. One small item or several large items are welcome

I will always advise you on how to achieve the best return on the items you are selling and there is never an obligation

to sell and no charge to get an offer 



If your not wearing, it sell it


There is never a charge for an offer, if you live out of this area call me for the best way to sell your jewelry

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